"When Propserity Ip Acquired NoCampfireRequired My Role was to Create a Solid Portfolio of Augmented Reality Games. The RatBattle AR surfaced in a Brainstorm After Works."

The Challenge: Create a fully AR game that applies all the techniques available in the firsts Unity’s AR Foundation classes. The game should be blended together with a time-based puzzle-solving game, a strong narrative, non-playing-characters, the main character and an investigation plot.


The solution: Together with Prosperity IP creator Robert Wollach who wrote the plotline, Paulo Ramos created the game design and mechanics with about 15 minutes to 20 minutes gameplay adventure. The player helps the character to discover how to stop a rat mutant virus outbreak that spreads very fast. By investigating and searching for collectibles placed in an AR environment, the history unveils the criminal mind behind the virus outbreak.


The Result: The game was nominee twice in The Auggies and featured by Apple Store in 2018. This property was sponsored and later published by ProspertyIP.

Character Evolves in Every Game Levels.

Young Volunteer

Drone Pilot