"The outbreak started, the Lockdown Started, all I Needed to do Was Create Something Interesting. The Entire App Was Developed in a Few Weeks in the Middle of the 2019 Pandemic"

The challenge: Researching AR capabilities and new features in many ways and forms are in my DNA. One of these explorations originated a sex game for couples Kinky Dices, bringing the traditional and well-known “erotic dices” game to the AR world.


The Solution: Using ARFoundations available in Unity we developed a sexy app for iOS augmenting the arousal experience. Through two dices combinations, designed for this game, couples can play until they reach the maximum of the experience in the Hot meter, shown like a heat mapped 3D bar from blue to red. Sexy quotes are also randomly displayed when players reach certain milestones or secret dices combinations.


The Results: The app is often used by couples looking to add extra sauce to the relationship. The success of this app brought to light other features to be added in the next versions. The app is published by Prosperity IP and, and is part of the companies’ portfolio.

Screenshots from iPAD