"A True Story About Art and a True 3D Augmented Reality App by Artists for Artists."

The Challenge: Raquel Palis, painter and Paulo Ramos, digital artist, were working together in a solution to trigger Raquel’s artworks using AR experiences and fully 3D objects, not like flat 2D animations as is commonly featured in many other arts AR apps available until now.


The Solution: Using Vuforia and Unity SDK Paulo started to develop an app to support every Raquel’s artworks into a single and easy user interface that displays digital 3D art and sound experiences using the physical real-world paintings as image triggers.


The result: Together they founded the Forevermore Art Collective and worked together in more than 15 AR artworks, available within the app. The Artmented app is an Artroom winner, in London, 2018, dozens of artworks were sold to collectors all around the world. Nowadays, they work creating NFT (non-fungible tokens) to be available soon.